How we work

Our approach to transforming your marketing is tailored to your business.

Depending upon what type of business you have and what it is you want to achieve, we may employ all or only some of the processes outlined below.

When you engage us, we agree the scope of the work with you. Before we begin, you’ll also get a fully costed proposal.


Initially, if appropriate, we will

  • confirm your goals and objectives
  • carry out an extensive, in-depth examination of your promotional, lead-generation and nurturing activities
  • review existing marketing channels and sales collateral, including website, SEO, social, print collateral, etc.
  • establish baseline KPIs for CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition), ROI, LTV (lifetime value), etc.
  • survey your existing client base
  • perform a competitive analysis
  • report to you with recommendations


Subsequent to the Review, we then

  • revise your goals and objectives based on the Review findings, then plan out what needs to be done to meet them
  • confirm milestones and target KPIs
  • devise a marketing strategy to achieve agreed objectives by agreed milestones
  • define personas and refine messaging for each target audience segment
  • create an implementation plan
  • establish monitoring and reporting routines


Once the Plan is agreed and monitoring and reporting routines are in place, we implement the plan on an agreed remuneration basis.

That might be a flat fee, a fee plus a percentage or payments based on performance.

Who we work with