Branding & Lead Generation For Professionals

Could you be missing out on new business?


Way before your prospects contact you, they’ve already filtered the firms they want to work with, using online research.

Does your branding really reflect who you are and what your firm stands for? Is your messaging consistent?

Your credibility is undermined by poor, inconsistent branding. Coherent branding supports your reputation, builds trust and helps generate new business.

We develop high quality branding and lead generation systems designed to enhance your reputation and produce a steady stream of new prospects.

Stop missing out on new business and get in touch.

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Why use Altered State®

Your prospect’s decision to engage with your firm has been made long before contact is made, based on your digital footprint and brand reputation.

Altered State® is unique in being a branding and lead generation agency led by an ex-professional Chartered Accountant, so we understand the challenges many professional firms are faced with.

That’s why we developed our Formula for Results process.

Formula for Results

Formula for Results or FFR as we call it, is our proprietary method to improve brand visibility and lead-generation.

Based on years of real-world market experience, we use the FFR process to identify existing shortcomings in your brand visibility and lead generation capability, to come up with the most effective branding and scalable lead generation systems for your firm.

Formula for Results

Not all businesses are the same. That’s why our approach to helping yours is specific to you.

Our unique Formula for Results comprises three phases: Discover, Strategise and Implement.

Before we start work, we’ll agree the scope of our activity with you, and provide you with a fully costed proposal.

You’ll be intimately involved with the development of your plan, laser-focused on your objectives.

We’ll then implement the plan for you, supported by regular monitoring and reporting.


We carry out an extensive, in-depth examination of your promotional, lead-generation and nurturing activities.


We’ll reconfirm your goals and objectives based on the Discover phase, then devise a marketing strategy to help achieve them.


Once the Strategy is agreed and monitoring and reporting routines are in place, we implement the plan on an agreed remuneration basis.

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Marketing Review

Get an in-depth review of your messaging, collateral, identity, lead-generation and nurturing activity

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing planning is something many businesses should do, but don't - fail to plan, plan to fail

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Marketing Automation

With so many channels, automating your marketing is essential to maximise return

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Brand Development

More than a logo, your branding aligns your image and messaging with your target audience

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Creative Design

Creative and impactful design from leading designers to help you stand out from the crowd

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Website Design

Fast, high-performance custom websites, using probably the most flexible CMS on the planet

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Email Marketing

Permission-based email remains the most effective tool for creating and maintaining relationships

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Online Promotion

Advertising, social media, SEO, PPC, remarketing, video promotion and everything in between

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Editorial & Content

Your true voice in website content, blog posts, social media, crafted by professional copywriting