Content Creation

Reach the people that really matter


Your business has a message to convey, but you may not be expressing that message in a way which connects with your target audience.

To reach the people that really matter to you, you need to understand your brand - what you stand for - and relate to those brand values in your messaging.

Your content also needs to be written in a way which elicits the required response. Fortunately our professional copywriters are practised at doing just that.

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Website content

Website content is important to generate traffic (visits) to your website, from which a proportion of visitors will convert to make an enquiry. Without traffic, your ability to generate enquiries from your site will be limited at best.

So the content on your website needs to appeal to different types of site visitors, according to the stage they are at in their journey towards becoming clients.

More general content designed to answer general questions or provide general information, attracts visitors who are just starting out on that journey.

More detailed content and case studies attract visitors who are further along their journey and consequently more likely to convert, or make enquiries.

Types of content you need include:


Tone of voice

The tone of voice - the character - of your messaging also needs to be consistent across all your communications.

Why? Because consistency helps with the creation of trust. Inconsistency undermines trust.

Unfortunately, content created by most businesses tends to be written by different members of the team in completely different styles, with little if any reference to the firm’s brand values.

It is often written from the viewpoint of the firm as a whole, talking to the world in general. So it ends up being both inconsistent and doesn’t connect with the reader.

If you want to gauge the effectiveness of your own messaging, consider the number of times ‘we’ and ‘our’ permeates your content, compared to the number of times ‘you’ and ‘your’ make it into the copy.

To make sure that your communications are consistent and ‘on message’, click below to arrange a review of your communications by a professional copywriter.